Thanks for an great year, students of F7A and F7E circa 2017! It made a perfect cap to my career as a Cedarview Hawk! And in my heart, I will always be one, so we will continue to flock together! Even though hawks don’t technically flock and are solitary birds of prey, but that doesn’t really fit my sentiments here, so just bare with me as I stray from zoological fact for the moment. But as usual, I digress.

Twenty years at one school is, apparently to some, a tad too long, so I’m off to Half Moon Bay where I will be… a moon? An astronaut? A rocket? Attacked by four year-olds at recess? Not sure – those details haven’t been broached yet. Still, it was a great run, and I will be forever greatful to the students I have had the honour to work with for the past two decades. The last three years have been three of my best, so thank you.

Now it’s a new school, a new grade (six… I know… I know… annoying… stop bugging me about it) and a new family member (in November if all goes according to plan). I can hear your parents gently chuckling and see them shaking their heads as if forty-five isn’t the perfect age to have a baby. Just tell them not to judge and that it’s probably not nearly as bad as being sixty with a fifteen year-old. Gulp.

I’ve attached some memories in the sidebar. They’ll be up until September at which point I begin to revamp and update the blog. If you want them, you can right click on them, or if you have better taste in computers, control click on an iMac (did I mention…) I hope you keep some – because what is life if not a collection of memories?

And I have some excellent ones as I move along.

Thank you.


Love, Mr. Z


Crunch Time!

Super quick post because it’s late and I need my beauty sleep. No hilarious comments necessary.

As you know, I’m off to T-dot with the grade 8s this week so you’re on your own, except for the part where random grade eight teachers will be watching over you.

Basically you have three days to complete:

a) Your take home test on “The Most Dangerous Game”. The questions are on Google Classroom and there are extra copies of the story on the front table if you’ve lost yours. If you want an example of a very good answer for “Vital Factor” that might help you, you can find it HERE. It’s a good example of a conflict answer (opinion + evidence + link + conclusion) and part of a character chart. Thanks Kathryn for doing the dirty work for me!

b) The Candy Conundrum math project (geometry and measurement). If you need to see a copy, you can go right HERE. The formulas you’ll need are HERE.

They are both due MONDAY! No excuses, so don’t even try.

Have a great five days and see you Monday!

Statistics Anyone?


Ninety-eight percent of math tests from last week have been handed back and we’re into a very quick unit on mean median and mode.  The test will be on Thursday and the 3+/4 level question will ask you to decide which to use to provide a representative look at a set of data: mean, median or mode. For those of you hoping for 4 and beyond, you can find a pretty dry… er… I mean… academically stimulating article on the subject right HERE.

For those of you who don’t read it… I totally understand.

Tests, Arrowhead and Radio Silence…

First of all, sorry for the radio silence over the past few weeks; I’ve been super busy with last second Arrowhead paperwork/emails/announcements etc. But I know how many of you live only to read my witty, academically motivated posts, salivating over them like Jughead over a platter of hamburgers. Well it’s buffet time – eat up!


Math Test Tomorrow F7A and F7E

Ideally, I would be giving more notice, but idealier – and no, that’s not a word – you would all be on top of things, be getting ready for grade eight and high school and a life of great achievement, and would be organized and prepared for this test we’ve been discussing for a week. It will cover percents, decimals and fractions. Lions and tigers and bears oh my! Real- life stuff. Discounts, interest, ways to avoid being impoverished to the “Man” at the end of your life. I’ve emailed you the latest review which will be very similar to the test, but if your email only works when you’re Snapchatting, which really isn’t email at all, but a way to waste your adolescence posting pics of yourself with huge ears and possibly a beak, you can find that same review right HERE.


It’s finally here… unfortunately so is the rain! Booooo! I know the rain is great for the grass, but guess what? We’re good for grass! No more grass needed! Calm down with the life to grass-giving rain! But I digress. Still, come prepared and it should be a great time. I’m attaching the clothing checklist HERE. We’ll talk about expectations and all that tomorrow so don’t bug me until then. Remember… 7:30/7:45 Wednesday morning. See you then! (Unless I sleep in.)


Blog Assignment and Math Feedback

Blogging Assignment #2 The Comparative Post

Ok, nothing fun to see here, but some of you have been asking.  So… if you want to see your next blog assignment, you can find a copy of it HERE.

Math Tests and Resource Packages

And the Math tests are back. The good news is many of you did quite well. The bad news? Well I think you can figure it out. Resource packages will be handed out tomorrow to anyone under a 3- average. If you choose to complete the package, the retest will be next Thursday unless the world is struck by a meteor, which I do believe is a remote possibility. If you’d like to see a well-communicated test, have a look at Kathryn’s right HERE.

Algebra Test Because… Well Like Where Would You Be Without Algebra, Right?

For all the times your parents have grilled you at the dinner table: “When are you going to learn about something important to your life? Like… like… trigonometry… and… binomial factors… and… how to brush your hair in a windstorm… and pretty much anything on Facebook that has to do with cats and… ALGEBRA!?!” Now you have your answer (and BTW, we’ve all learned all there is to learn about cats on Facebook, so mission accomplished on that one.)

Test for F7A and F7E on Wednesday!

And yes I know, you’re super busy and you’ve got a lot on your plate and there’s a dance on Thursday and also short week and Easter and you don’t like tests. Still – here’s the deal:

We’re looking at the following:

  1. Substitution
  2. Isolate and solve for the variable
  3. Two part equations
  4. Create algebraic equations and solve for the variable with one or more unknowns
  5. Patterning and T-charts (Level 4 question of you would like to know)

You have work on pg. 385 and a practice test to prepare for the big day (and the answers are HERE). If you would also like some more review, you can find an exciting way to spend your evening right HERE. Bon appetit and good luck!

Exercise your civic right to dance!!!

And don’t forget: Thursday is NEON DANCE DAY! $2 and canned good as per the norm. Because what says dance like a couple cans of Campbell’s Creamy Mushroom? Nothing, that’s what.

Arrowhead Deposits… My Bad

Sorry to all parents who count on their money being taken out of their accounts expeditiously. I did send your checks down to the office before spring break, but apparently had to sign a log declaring I had done so. As someone who is not necessarily adept at the many layers of beaurocracy we have to navigate for these trips, I humbly apologize. I will provide the appropriate signature today and your checks will probably be cashed this week or next.

Sooooo…. prepare to be out a hundred bucks! This time I mean it!